Interior design by Georg Œhler
Photography by Justin Barton

Upstairs gallery with Cor sofa, Moroso pouf and Casamania floor lamp. Photography Justin Barton

"In the south suburbs, at the Elephant,
Is best to lodge. I will bespeak our diet,
Whiles you beguile the time and feed your knowledge
With viewing of the town."

Shakespeare, Twelfth Night

The recent boom of residential towers in London started off with Strata in Elephant & Castle. Until the opening of the nearby Shard the penthouses at Strata were the highest apartments in the capital. The duplex allows a 350 degree view of the British capital. The spectacular architecture of the building is dominated by glass and steel. Georg Œhler chose to contrast this hyper-modern setting with quirky and colourful interior design. A natural touch is brought in by the choice of materials.

The dining table is a unique piece, design by Georg Œhler. The giant knitted lampshade is probably the largest knitted lampshade in the world, courtesy Pudelskern. Photography Justin Barton

A double height space sports a spectacular slanted glass front. At approximately 140 metres above the ground the views of Central London are breath-taking. Georg Œhler created different zones in the large open floor plan room by building in a large cabinet wall and using different dividers. The apartment combines unique pieces designed especially for the project and bespoke cabinetry along with furniture from British and European brands. North London joinery McCormack manufactured the cabinetry and pieces designed by Georg Œhler especially for the penthouse.

Different shades of blue and white and the oak floor dominate the double height space. Photo Justin Barton

Dining table overlooking London in one of its highest apartments, dining chairs are Poliform, the table is an extension table by Georg Œhler manufactured in London. Photography Justin Barton

A bespoke room divider hides a cocktail cabinet and all the wireless technology for the apartment. It's partially padded with a Grampian tartan. The rug is made from Tyrolean mountain sheep wool by Regensburger. Photography Justin Barton

Natural and very traditional materials like wood and wool are found throughout the penthouse. These materials can be produced sustainably and they are long lasting and age well. Georg Œhler mixes traditional with clean and contemporary design creating a balance between a stylish and cosy home.

Wool has been used throughout history of mankind for its material characteristics. Photography Justin Barton

A Victorian shade of green sets the backdrop for the upstairs library overlooking South London. The leather chair is a piece by Georg Œhler's former Austrian studio Pudelskern. Photography Justin Barton

Saddler chair over South London. Photo Justin Barton

Extension table by Georg Œhler. Photo Justin Barton

Granny floor lamp by Casamania, Joy pouf by Moroso. Photography Justin Barton

Shakespeare mentioned the Elephant and Castle Inn in his play Twelfth Night. Photography Justin Barton